How To Leave A Tip

Nothing makes a person look like a classy person then knowing how to tip the people who serviced them. Many people get a very bad reputation by not being a good tipper. Not tipping is very much a social blunder, it makes a person look very bad and it makes them look like they do not care about other people. Nothing tells a person more about a person then how they treat the people who serve them. You learn a lot about the person when they are in a position of power and how they treat other people.

Learning how to be a good tipper is not that difficult. There are many articles on the proper amount that a person should tip, which is anywhere from 10 to 18% in most restaurants and scenarios. In some countries tipping is not even expect it but it is always a good touch to show people that you appreciate what they are doing. In many jobs, like in the restaurant industry, the workers depend mostly on the tips of diners. So without your tips, these people will not be able to survive and make a living. So tipping them as showing that you care.

One classy and fancy thing that you might consider is tipping before you are served. This might even get you even better service. It might show the person that hey I appreciate what you're doing, I don't even need like food to show you that I am thankful. What the person who is serving you light up with appreciation and watch them do an even better job.

So learning the basics of tipping is very easy but learning how to tip well might take a little bit of work. It's not that hard and it is just based on appreciation.