How To Cast Out A Fishing Pole

Fishing is an activity that many individuals enjoy. If you are new to fishing, no doubt you are interested in engaging in this activity correctly. In this article, we will discuss how you can learn to cast your fishing pole the right way. While there are a number of ways to cast, today we will talk about the overhead cast and pitching.

The first step in casting your fishing pole in the overhead cast (great for distance) is to hold down the button on your casting reel with your thumb and bring the pole back. Then, bring the pole forward and release your hold on the button. Your line will be pulled out by the bait. In order to slow down your spool, you want to hold the button with your thumb again.

The next cast we will discuss is pitching. This is great for casting close to you, within ten yards. While you are holding your fishing pole straight up, let out enough of your line so that the lure is down to the reel. Pressing down the button found on your reel, grab the spool and hold it nice and steady. With the opposite hand, hold onto your lure, being sure to watch out for the hook.

Drop the tip of your pole down, and then hold the line nice and tight. In one motion, sweep the pole tip up and pull the lure from your other hand. This will ensure that your lure falls wherever you have your pole facing. To control distance, use your thumb to slow down the line.

In conclusion, learning to fish correctly starts with how you cast. Use the overhead cast for long distances, and pitch when fishing close to your location. Good luck on your fishing adventures!