How To Take A Screenshot

It was seen that doing a screenshot on a Windows computer would be something that is very simple. A person has never done it before it can seem pretty complicated. Also a person will quickly find out that there are alternative ways to do a screenshot. Some methods will not work in every situation. Most people in the old days of Microsoft window, are used to using the print screen key to grab a screenshot but that does not work in every single situation that a person might need to capture a screenshot.

Microsoft sought this problem by creating an application within Windows that will make it possible to quickly capture screenshot from anyplace on the computer and on the Internet. The name of this app that Windows created is called the snipping tool, this tool will allow you to capture screenshot anywhere you want to and at any time. It also has an editing feature and it that is very useful. The question then becomes how does one find this app and quickly use it within Windows?

Hot To Take A Screenshot

This application can be found by going to the search bar, which is the circle next to the windows icon on the left side of the screen and typing in snipping tool. Right click onto it in the menu, select save to desktop or alternatively save it to the toolbar so that it is easy to get to and now a person will be able to take screenshots at any time they want.

It really is that easy and this tool will allow a person to capture screenshot anywhere and at any time. It is very easy to use, is more reliable than using the keyboard shortcut, it gives a lot more options, it allows a person to edit easily and immediately save where ever want to.