How To Draw

There are a ton of ways to learn how to draw. You can get a lot of info online so it can be hard to know what to work with and what to trust. Now that you're here, these are a couple of tried and true ways to learn to draw.

Do you have the tools to draw with right now? If not, then you're going to need to buy them. You should try to find a set of drawing pencils. These are those that have different names in the set like HB or 2B. Each one is a different hardness, and so they are good for different kinds of lines and drawing in general. When you have a set with a lot of these pencils, it's better than just using a single yellow pencil when you first start since you will need way more skills to draw with regular pens and pencils the right way.

Look at what you want to draw and learn how to see it for what it is and not what you think it is. A lot of people try to draw by using the things in their mind that they see and not what is in front of them. If you're trying to copy a cartoon you're looking at, then try to identify shapes. You need to draw the biggest part of it first, and then fill in everything else. Draw things upside down, too, at first because that will start to show you shapes instead of the symbol of what the drawing is in your mind.

Drawing is not something people are just born with the ability to do. You can learn to draw no matter what your age or skill level is. Take a moment to look into it and always take time each day to practice if you want to get good.