How To Fight

Fighting is all about controlled violence. There people who think that they can fight just because they have a bad temper. They think that there anger and during their arms wildly will make them into a good fighter. The truth is to become a good fighter typically takes a lot of training or growing up in a very bad environment. The good thing about fighting is that the basics of survival and destroying another person is not all that difficult to learn. It takes learning how to hit a person, where to hit a person and how to use dynamic controlled violence.

The first thing a person has to be willing to do is engage. A lot of people get hurt when faced with violence because they are afraid to meet violence with violence. They fall back into their shell, and shock and it totally destroyed by the bad guy. That is how good guys get destroyed on the streets. They don't keep their wits about them, they aren't ready to throw their own punches or mount a defense and he just eat amount for punches.

Another reason why average people get hurt in these violent situations is because they're intuitive and automatic responses are exactly what they shouldn't do. When someone destroying while punches they typically backup and backing up is the worst thing that you can do. When a person is doing well punches you're supposed to do what seems totally unnatural and that is to hold your guard, step towards that person and mount your own offense. Backing up leaves you defenseless and open to their wild punches.

The truth is that you are not going to learn how to fight in this article, you need more materials, more books, more videos and most important you need to train.